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Jeni Bate is an Authentic Artist

Posted on April 23, 2016 with 0 comments
I first met Jeni Bate at the Art Walk street festival in the Little Italy district of San Diego.  I was intrigued by her mixed media watercolor paintings.  My father was an expert at watercolor painting so I appreciated her control and expressionistic treatment shown in the pieces but what made them extraordinary is the way she cuts up the painted paper and then re-assembles them into physical patterns on the canvas that underscore the subject matter of sky and grand vistas.
Once I learned that she was somewhat of a desert rat living alongside the Salton Sea, I felt a stronger kinship since I had also experienced that connection to natural themes as a resident of Bishop, CA, a small town located just east of the Sierra Nevada ridge line.  Bishop is considered a high desert community with a somewhat more benign climate that the low desert areas of California and Nevada.   Frankly I was in awe of the strength of residents living in low desert areas like Death Valley Junction [...]
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