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Grant Bentley: Music

Double Black Diamond

(Grant Bentley)
August 15, 2010
Written by Grant Bentley
Married guys have to face temptation once in a awhile. It can be the most exciting and the most scary moment of their adult lives. After spending some time looking down the barrel of a steep chute at Mammoth Mountain, I realized that the ranking of a challenging ski run has a lot in common with the feelings I get talking to an attractive single woman.
Miami night about 75 in the shade
I'm 'round the pool with a drink that's cool got it made or so I played.
When through the flowin' fabric comes a singular vision
A 1000 watt smile with dangers that are hidden

Double Black Diamond she can be rough
Double brown eye can you love them enough?
Double trouble - nothin' by the book
Double Black Diamond - harder than she looks

But she's got crazy good looks

Smart and edgy with jet black hair all in place.
She's not too old to forget her soul or the lines on her face.
Her silence is taken by the act of messaging
With a little black box she carries that has no ring


Double Black Diamond girl

I'm drawn to her energy like I need a charge
For once in this small, small world I'm livin' large
I'm slidin' down a slippery slope but honey, stop givin’ me hope

It's just not fair she's been everywhere in the world.
She’s full of thrill but she always will be daddy's little girl.
She's never been married won't go there soon.
My chances with her are probably doomed.


(Double trouble)
Double Black Diamond girl (double trouble)
Harder than she looks (double trouble)
And I'm crashin' down, down, down (double trouble)
I better wear a helmet next time (double trouble)
Double Black Diamond girl (double trouble)
Harder than she looks