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Grant Bentley: Music

Climb One More Time

(Grant Bentley)
August 1, 2015
Written by Grant Bentley
Yes there actually was an old college chum of mine that lost his freedom for a time. This song is for him.
I love to stray far away from home
I’ve even tried hikin’ in alone
But I’ve never climbed Half Dome,
California’s Half Dome.

My college chum broke the law its true.
Twenty years eatin’ prison food.
Now he’s out and all he wants to do,
After payin’ his dues, is…

Climb, climb, CLIMB ONE MORE TIME.

Here’s what he said when he finally found me,
It isn’t hard electronically,
“Let’s go climb that ol’ monolith
Maybe it will grant my wish.
Let’s not think about the time that’s gone
I’m sure we can keep it strong if we…”


People say that you can’t go back
Everyone stays in their one-way track
But here’s a man who lost half his life
What does he expect from me?
Fill up his memories? (Now wait a minute…)

All that sweat for a little view
Nothin’ but clouds - don’t think it’s worth it too.
But once again it’s the friends I’ve made
Hey they don’t have to fade and precious time we’ve shared
Yeah it will always be there, when we…

Climb, climb, CLIMB ONE MORE TIME.
Climb, climb in our minds, CLIMB ONE MORE TIME.