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Grant Bentley: Music

Day of Goodbyes

(Grant Bentley)
August 1, 2015
Written by Grant Bentley
This is the second song that came out of the passing of my ex-wife and I first played it publicly at a social gathering after her memorial service in Marin County in Northern California.
Havin’ a drink to repair ourselves,
Ahhh, here’s to your better health, even now.
We keep livin’ on some borrowed time,
Ahhh, wonder what we’ll find, even now.

After all, the stream keeps on passin’
The ocean drowns all our cries
But for one brief moment everlastin’
We’re here on this DAY OF GOODBYES.

Have you ever noticed when the sun goes down?
Ahhh, it’s without a sound, comin’ down.
That’s the way she left her room
Ahhh, she’ll be peaceful soon even now.


How do you want to remember them?
Ahhh, those who have gone before, even now.
I will choose to remember her
Ahhh, in a simple way, even now.

During every meal that I savor
And one I think she would like
I will save a bit of the flavor
‘Cuz angels get the last bite
I know she’s with me tonight.

I keep singin’ to convince myself
Ahhh, things’ll get better now, even now.
We weren’t always the best of friends,
Ahhh, but I hear her voice again, even now.


But for one brief moment everlasting
We’re here on this DAY OF GOODBYES,
Together on this DAY OF GOODBYES.