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Grant Bentley: Music

Can't Crush My Soul

(Grant Bentley)
August 7, 2017
Grant Bentley

This song was written for my daughter's art teacher, Nassar, who created an amazing piece of sculpture, placed it in his front yard and then fought the city code enforcement division over a technicality of its position on his lot (too close to the public street).  It's actually a case of a person from another culture who created friction with the anonymous faction of the neighborhood that sees anything, and anyone, different as a threat to their self-imposed world of uniformity.  His spirit throughout this ordeal was inspiring to me and, yes, you can't crush his soul even if his physical self, his art piece was called "The Body" for gosh sakes, was made to suffer.  He eventually had to dismantle the sculpture and reformulate it in another location farther away from the street.  My handprints and those of my family, proud members of his support group, are part of that re-imagined piece of art.

I’ve taken some time makin’ things with my mind

That my hands can build.

Put them out on display in the light of the day

Let people think what they will.

But now my masterpiece

Just after its release must die.



You can hurt my body

Blast it apart

Never say you’re sorry

Even tear out my heart



There’s a cancer that grows from a silence that knows

What is better for us.

Tear me up with your claws in the form of the laws

That I gave you in trust.

Why kill because you can?

The sculpture and the man are innocent.




Innocent immigrants all came to this place,

Many through a great harbor with a watchful face.

A Statue, a sculpture, of Liberty, a gift to American society.


There are things left unseen that will come in your dreams

When my body is done.

It’s the memory of, how you rejected love

Look at what you’ve become.

That empty space inside

No matter how you try you can’t fill it up.