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Grant Bentley: Music

Shiver Me Timbers

(Grant Bentley)
September 19, 2017
Grant Bentley

I am a real fan of redemption stories and this female country pop artist has one of the best ones in modern times.  I was inspired to write a song for her that I thought would fit her story and still appeal to her legions of fans out there.  Here's hoping she will get to hear it soon.


c  by Grant Bentley


I was singin’ in a land-locked town

To my mirror as the sun went down

‘Bout travelin’ on to the coast some day

To board a ship and sail away.



SHIVER ME TIMBERS - shiver me good.

With all that my heart remembers and all that it should.

The butterflies do fly like I knew they would, whoa-oo-oh

SHIVER ME TIMBERS - shiver me good, so good.


Yes, he was there my one true friend

And taught me how to love again.

Both of us thrown on the rocks

Kinda numb from all the shock.


            REPEAT CHORUS



A pirate’s life is what I’ve led

Stealin’ hearts I’ve never met.

Plunderin’ comes at a price

The mutiny in my first mate’s eyes.


So dim the lights I’m comin’ through

A little fog on the ocean blue.

I must admit it still sets me free

The sound you make when you see me.


            REPEAT CHORUS

SHIVER ME TIMBERS - shiver me good, so good.