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Grant Bentley: Music

While Away

(Grant Bentley)
September 8, 2010
Written by Grant Bentley
The idea for this song came while I was relaxing in the Bishop City Park watching my 6 year old daughter Skye playing around the lake. It strikes a hopeful, peaceful tone even though I know things are bound to change one day.
Let the sweetness linger
Call upon the singer
To capture this moment in time.
Watch the clouds go sailin’
All the leaves are failin’
But the grass makes a carpet for my mind.

While away, while away
Can you find a little time to while away?
While away while away
A change is comin’ but for now it’s a while away.

See my daughter playin’
Flyin’ through her agin’
When will she fly away from me?
Such a precious moment
Life’s a grand event
Breathin’ it in stops the clock so easily.

REPEAT CHORUS (except first turnaround line)

A change is comin’ I can feel it.
Time is runnin’ try to steal it.

Let the sweetness linger
Listen to the singer
As he tries in front of you to catch his breath.
So much disaster
In our ever after
So enjoy your life spend some time bein’ alive

CODA (repeat twice):
While away, while away