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Grant Bentley: Music

Imaging is Everything

(Grant Bentley)
Written by Grant Bentley
A tribute to the adventurer/photographer Galen Rowell, whose work profoundly inspired my love of outdoor landscapes since my days at UC Berkeley. I have created a music video ( that combines this song with my own photographic images of mountain environments I have visited around the world.
Poetic cameraman
You passed me when you ran
That trail through the wilderness.
Without you knowin' me
You helped me really see
A way to follow my bliss.

Imaging is everything.
Everything is imaging,
Imagining everything.
Everything is imaging the way you feel.
Imagining everything is real.

I always travel well
Each time you storytell.
Introduce me to them all.
High mountain villages,
Portraits on the pages
Touch the world both big and small.


Home, home to the Range.
Picture a castle in the sage.
Last night we lost you in Bishop.

I'll build a cairn somewhere
Up in the mountains there
In a place that calls to me.
Gonna find a mountaintop
And let my cryin' stop
To hear you in the breeze.

REPEAT CHORUS (except "I" instead of "you")
Everything you ever showed is real.